Top Windshield Repair Myths Busted!!!

1. Small Windshield chips won’t crack-Ignore them!!!

WRONG!! 7 out of 10 chips become a full-fledged crack. That means, something that could’ve been repaired easily will now escalate into being expensive and often tedious and inconvenient.

2. A Chip Means Replacing the Whole Replacement.

WRONG AGAIN!! It is true that windshield chips are inconvenient and can cause greater trouble if left unattended. Chips in a windshield are actually very simple to repair, as long as they are less than the size of a quarter.

3. If it’s a small chip; D-I-Y

No-No-NO!!! It doesn’t matter how big or small the chip is, go to a professional ONLY! Most Glass Repair Shops will not touch a windshield that has been tampered with. In the long run, going to an Auto Glass Repair Shop will save you a lot of grief as well as money.

4. Chip Repairs are Out Of Pocket Costs.

All insurance companies are aware it is cheaper to repair a chip in the windshield than replacing the entire windshield. Most insurance companies might even waive the increase in deductible or premium.

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