We do whatever it takes to make your collision repair as convenient as possible!

If your schedule doesn’t fit ours, we’ll work hard to accommodate you!

So you’ve had an accident, and you don’t really know what to do
We understand, the average a person only gets into 3 accidents in their whole life
Even if you are a “repeat customer”, things have probably changed since the last time you were in
So let’s get started by dismissing a couple of “Urban Legends”
First of all, you don’t need three estimates,

The estimating systems we use control costs based on what needs to be done
So the only real difference between estimates, is the damage that’s been missed,
Which, will only cost you in the completeness of the repair,
Or the shop will just charge the difference after your car gets to the shop, its called a “supplement”
Multiple estimates only waste your time and effort
Spend your time choosing the right shop, not running around for estimates
Which, brings us to the second misconception,

Your Insurance company can’t tell you or make you take your car any where
they might attempt to make a strong case to use one of their Direct Repair shops in your area
This goes by a lot of different names, but in the end;
It’s a shop the insurance company has contracted with to reduce costs
Auto Pride Collision participates in many of these programs,
But, we want you to know, you have the right to take your car to wherever you want,
It’s Your Car

If you’ve had an accident, the smartest thing you can do is get your car to us
Or call us, we’ll tow it in
we’ll handle the whole thing for you
Write a the estimate, take photos, notify your agent, help you make the claim,
Arrange for transportation, and start the repairs, many times in one visit
At auto Pride Collision we make it easy if you’ve had an accident.