So you need an estimate?

We can help you with that,
At Auto Pride Collision we’ve got options for you;


A web-based estimate.

You can send us the information and photos through our website. This however, is only going to give you a rough idea. We can estimate all makes and models but, no two accidents are exactly the same. It’s tough when the car is not in front of you.


Our mobile estimating service.

We can send someone to your home or office to visually inspect the damage, take photos and then complete your estimate. Now, this would give you a much better idea of your repair costs, but still not completely accurate as we may not have all the access we need.


Our in-house interactive estimating station.

The best way to get an estimate is to bring your car in, or we can have it towed. Our interactive estimating station is a better option to complete an estimate. With the car on location, we can write a far more accurate estimate and explain the process right on the screen.

At the shop we have access to technicians, hoists and other equipment, to give us a much clearer picture of what needs to be done.


We can even take it one step farther, and Blueprint the repair.

During this process, we may remove parts to access all of the damage, take dimensional measurements, etc. It may take up to a day or two to complete however, it’s just what we call it , a Blueprint of the repair. By far the most accurate estimate we can provide and of course when it’s done, we can get that information to your insurance company electronically. So stop by, give us a call, or shoot us an e-mail, we’ll get things rolling for you.

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